Immunology and Inflammation Research Associate

Position Details

  • Job Title: Immunology and Inflammation Research Associate
  • Location: New York
  • Job Category: Immunology & Inflammation
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Job Summary

The Immunology and Inflammation Research Associate will join the Immunology and Inflammation team and will be charged with validating and advancing drug targets derived from Kallyope’s KlarityTM Platform which includes single cell sequencing, circuit mapping, mouse and human organoids, and the human genetics platform. This position will be responsible for developing and executing in vivo and ex vivo readouts of allergic inflammation for target engagement and validation. Candidates should be highly motivated with extensive hands-on experience in advanced immunology research. Successful candidates must be able to work effectively in collaborative settings and independently while possessing outstanding written, visual, and oral communications skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop, validate, and execute mouse models of food allergy and atopic diseases and primary immune cell culture assays
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously in a fast paced, cross-functional team
  • Clearly communicate experimental results and compile data into comprehensive reports

Qualifications and Education Requirements

You must have:

  • A Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree with 2+ years relevant research experience 
  • Experience working with mouse models of disease
  • Experience working with primary immune cells and ex vivo assays of inflammation
  • Experience with multicolor flow cytometry and analysis

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Mucosal immunology or allergic disease skill set is highly desired
  • Direct drug discovery experience is a plus
  • Proficiency in collecting, processing, and analyzing immune cells from the intestines, lymph nodes, and spleen

The expected salary range for this role in New York City is $52,500–$87,500. Please keep in mind that this range represents the pay range for all positions in the job grade within which this position falls. The actual salary offer will take into account a wide range of factors, including location.


About Kallyope

Kallyope is a new biotechnology company headquartered in New York City.  Founded by Richard Axel, Tom Maniatis, and Charles Zuker from Columbia University, Kallyope is focused on the identification of new therapeutic and nutritional opportunities involving the gut and gut-brain axis. The Company leverages the founders’ formidable expertise in molecular biology, neuroscience, and behavior to identify new approaches to human health. 

Kallyope is seeking creative, highly motivated individuals who are interested in working in a biotech environment that is scientifically stimulating, highly collaborative, and laser focused on translational biology.   The Company is creating an industry-leading platform employing cutting edge technologies including sequencing, genetics, circuit mapping, neural imaging and bioinformatics. By integrating and applying complementary tools and approaches to the understanding of gut and gut-brain biology, Kallyope aims to develop transformational therapeutics and consumer products to improve human health and nutrition.

The Company is headquartered in the Alexandria Center® for Life Sciences, a state-of-the-art, collaborative life science campus in the heart of Manhattan, with close proximity to New York City’s world-leading clinical and research institutions.  Kallyope has raised $488M in funding from several top-tier investors. The Company has assembled a leadership team and advisory group with a proven track record of success and strong expertise in drug discovery and translation. The founding scientific team is composed of highly creative and talented individuals with outstanding expertise in the Company’s core platform technologies.  For more information, see

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