Job Summary:

We are seeking an experienced bioinformatician for a role on our computational biology team, to help mine single-cell transcriptomics datasets for novel drug targets. The successful candidate will incorporate new transcriptomics data into our computational drug discovery platform, both from in-house experiments and public datasets, and will integrate these with databases encoding gene and protein annotations, disease genetics, biological networks, and drug data. The role will require close interaction with experimental scientists, to develop and apply methods for data visualization, statistical analysis, clustering, differential gene expression, elimination of technical artifacts, and knowledge base queries. Candidates for this role should be experienced in the analysis of microarray, bulk RNA sequencing, and single-cell RNA sequencing data, and should be well-versed in relational database design and cluster computing. Successful candidates must be enthusiastic to work in a highly collaborative setting, both with computational and experimental scientists.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working interactively with our experimental scientists to assess the gene expression, biochemical function, and disease relevance of prospective drug targets
  • Running our computational engine to add new transcriptomics and neuroscience datasets into the platform, and transforming public datasets for compatibility with our pipeline
  • Testing the performance of software tools and the reproducibility of data analyses; benchmarking competing tools for comparison
  • Implementing diagnostics to troubleshoot the development of novel experimental technologies
  • Contributing to UI and web development to expose our computational tools to users within the firm and external collaborators/partners
  • Staying abreast of the latest developments in relevant bioinformatics methods, particularly in the domains of RNA sequencing, knowledge representation, and drug discovery
  • Participating in code reviews; software deployment and maintenance; iteration planning and timeline estimation; and software design discussions

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

You must have:

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Statistics, or a related discipline
  • >2 years of experience programming and analyzing NGS datasets
  • Expertise in R, Python, SQL, Unix/Linux, and Git version control
  • Experience extracting data from biological databases
  • Commitment to rigor, in both quantitative analysis and software development
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (the role requires very close collaboration with both experimental and computational scientists)

Additional bonus qualifications (useful but not requisite):

  • Programming experience in JavaScript or R Shiny for UI development or data visualization
  • Working knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • A strong background in object-oriented programming, especially in C++

To Apply

To apply for this position, send us your resume and cover letter to

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