Out to Do Things Differently

At Kallyope, we are pioneering the science and understanding of gut and gut-brain biology to create medicines that transform human health.

Based in New York City, we are home to some of the world’s most intrepid scientific minds from the world’s top institutions, working alongside a seasoned team with a proven track record of success in drug discovery and development.

Board of Directors

Franz Humer, Ph.D.

Chair, Board of Directors

Jay Galeota

CEO & President, Kallyope

Jeff Goater

The Column Group

Peter Hecht, Ph.D.


Tom Maniatis, Ph.D.

Columbia University

William Rieflin


Amy Schulman

Polaris Partners

Nancy Thornberry

Chair, R&D, Kallyope

Josh Wolfe

Lux Capital

Strategic Advisors

Tony Evnin, Ph.D.
Terry McGuire

Scientific Advisory Board