Kallyope Pipeline: Novel therapies in Metabolic Circuits, GI Barrier, and CNS

We are advancing a diverse portfolio of novel therapies across our three campaign areas of Metabolic Circuits, GI Barrier, and CNS.

Kallyope Pipeline May 2022



About Our Campaign Areas:

Metabolic Circuits

We are advancing a novel, oral approach to GLP-1 based therapies with indications for type 2 diabetes and obesity. Our platform enables rational combinatorial approaches to induce secretion of a full spectrum of satiety hormones rather than just one.

GI Barrier

A defective GI barrier is associated with multiple conditions of high unmet need, including inflammatory bowel disease, chemotherapy-induced gut injury, food allergy and celiac disease. We are advancing novel, oral, non-immunosuppressive therapeutics to improving GI barrier function. Our multi-targeted approach involves improving epithelial cell homeostasis, restoring appropriate immune responses and repairing secretory cell function.


We are developing an oral approach to vagal nerve stimulation that is designed to selectively activate this major neural communication between the gut and brain. Our current focus is on feeding, neuroinflammation, migraine, Parkinson’s disease and other areas.