Job Summary:

We are seeking a biologist with significant experience in GI physiology and anatomy, to work as a member of an integrated team developing robust characterization platforms from human and mouse primary samples and organoids. The successful candidate will contribute to the improvement and optimization of existing analyses technologies as well as the development of entirely novel platforms.

Candidates for this role will be well versed in existing technologies for assaying GI physiology (especially at the single-cell level) as well as a wide-array of basic/advanced molecular techniques. In addition, successful candidates must be able to work effectively both in a collaborative setting and independently and possess outstanding written, visual and oral communications skills.

key responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of GI physiological assays
  • Development and implementation of single-cell assays for hormone release
  • Implementation, optimization, and improvement of GI organoid technology
  • Characterization of biomolecules in tissue samples – immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization
  • High-throughput analyses of metabolites

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

You must have:

  • Ph.D, and related experience in an academic or industry setting. Prior experience with GI physiology is required.
  • Experience with GI physiological assays – including transit time assays, etc.
  • Advanced training in molecular biology including immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, etc.
  • Experience with flow-cytometry and/or FACS

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Experience working with organoids
  • Experience working with single-cells
  • Exposure to NGS platforms and library preparation
  • Experience with Luminex assays, ELISAs
  • Demonstrated scientific productivity, as evidenced by strong publication record and ability to work effectively in a collaborative setting

To Apply

To apply for this position, send us your resume and cover letter to

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