Job Summary:

The Sequencing Research Associate will be a key member of the next generation sequencing team utilizing a robust single-cell sequencing platform to understand the heterogeneity of cell types in the intestine. The successful candidate will contribute to the collection and mining of high-throughput sequencing data and optimization of existing single-cell sequencing protocols.

Candidates must have a molecular and/or cellular biology background and should have experience working with animal models. Prior experience working with next generation sequencing is a plus. Successful candidates will possess the ability to work effectively in a collaborative setting and outstanding written, visual and oral communications skills.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Optimization of single-cell isolation methods and FACS
  • Development and optimization of antibody staining and in situ hybridization
  • Development of intestinal organoid capabilities
  • Generation of single-cell, and bulk RNAseq libraries from primary cells
  • Development of single-cell NGS library preparation methods

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

You must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, bioengineering, or a related discipline
  • Prior experience working in a molecular biology lab setting
  • Experience with tissue culture

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Flow-cytometry, FACS, and/or NGS
  • Experience with primary cells
  • Working with intestinal or neural cell types
  • Working with animal models

To Apply

To apply for this position, send us your resume and cover letter to

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